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Good Morning, Happy #alohafriday to my Ohana. This is for those who put themselves out there for family and friends. When these people are angry and unhappy with their lives and they choose to take their frustrations out on you.

Don't get me wrong we all have our moments. That's not an every week thing. Or should I saw they are habitual offenders. These people have become toxic and they have done it to you so much that they believe you are their punching bag.

So for your own mental health we have to nip this nonsense in the bud. If the say they love you, I'm sorry it won't happen again(100th time) , you know it's the job or it's that time of the month, ect. We all deserve better than that.

If people cannot recognize your worth and respect you. Pray for them and let them go. Abuse is abuse no matter how you frame it or put makeup on it or dress it. You are a King/Queen and that's how you should be treated. So people don't know how to treat you.

Tell them: 1) I don't like how your treating me. 2) Why are you so angry at me? 3) You have to change this behavior.

Now if they change what they have been doing (longer than a week 😏). Then you know if they are trying. But I they continue the same toxic nonsense well its time to move on. You are better off letting them go and not letting that energy overtake you and change your heart and how you treat people. There is something to be said about having peace. Cherish yours Amen.

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