• Walter Carmickle

VET for Veteran's

We have served military and homeless families for years now. We are not government funded. We operate and function by donations only. In the last year we have tried fundraisers and other things to bring in the funds to continue to serve the communities at large.

We are digging deep now but without sacrifice there is no reward. We do this because we love God's people. We will not quit or surrender. As long as there are people in need we will continue the fight. As long as we continue to move forward. Its not about speed its about being deliberate on what we do. Staying focused on the vision before us. Continuing to step into our purpose in this world. We aren't just here to be here. We have come to change the world. One Vet at a time.

You can partner with us today using

Simplegive: https://my.simplegive.com/app/giving/vets

Paypal.me: https://paypal.me/redeemavet?locale.x=en_US

Thank you for your support as we go out into the nation spreading the love of Jesus Christ.

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