• Walter Carmickle

Wednesdays Thoughts

We are always on the move. We are always running. At times we neglect things in our lives. Like our health and family. It ok to be focused on your job or business. Not to the point your family and your health suffers. Im reminded of a moment at the time a nine year old told me I quote " dad you have no life. You don't ever have any fun" end quote. Some of us use work as a cover to hide things or we don't wont to deal with life issues. Then we become workaholics like its a badge of honor. So the word for the day is balance. Enjoy the fruits of your labor and don't forget those who came along with you on your journey. Stop to say thank you. Stop to say I appreciate you. Don't hold back a compliment. Dare not hold back your love. No matter what the world is saying or doing. Be your own person and live you own life. As we look around towards the end of 2020 many have left. Dont leave this world without loving or knowing what it feels like and truly means.

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